Our Equipment

At Forte Talent its about the talent not the equiment!  If you are doing your research for a Wedding DJ, Corporate DJ, or entertainment for a special event, you have probably looked at quite a few pictures of Mobile Dee Jay equipment. It's posted all over many of their websites. Boy they're sure proud of all that gear! However, unless you're in the business yourself, or work for a Guitar Center or big music store, you probably don't know the difference between Bose and Behringer.

If you own a house and need remodeling done, do you go to a contractors website and see pictures of table saws, drills & big extension cords? ( “Oh Honey, Let's hire this guy, he uses Big Guy tools!”)

I think you're smarter than that.

Let's face it, Professionals use professional gear, However, Professional gear does NOT make you a Pro! It's a combination of natural talent, personality, experience, and training that results in a Professional Entertainer.

Here's a quick example;
I was hired to entertain at a party at Ferg's Sports bar on 4th Street in St. Petersburg. It was Summertime and we were having one of those thunderstorms Florida is famous for. Just as the guests started to arrive, ZAP! BOOM! Lightning hits a transformer down the street and all the power on the block goes out. Now at this point, it didn't matter what the quality of my equipment was, fortunately, we were downstairs and had plenty of light and a breeze, so for the next two hours, I entertained the guests, (adults and kids alike) with games, contests and some trivia. Not only did the party go on, several people commented on how much fun they were having and the client actually paid in full and TIPPED me at the end of the event for a job well done.

So, in the end, equipment is something a professional DJ can use to provide sound re-enforcement, amplify music or speech, but it is not the main reason to hire an entertainer for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

...and if you DO work for a big time music store and you must know [click here]

( Pictures available on request! )