Interactive Characters!

What are they and what can they do for YOUR event?


What are interactive characters?

There are five main groups of interactive characters. There are "Streetmo", "Faces", "Tribute", "Impersonators" and "General" characters. If you would like to know what each of these exciting terms mean, read on! If you want to cut to the chase and see some examples, click here.

Living Table Carmen "Streetmo" - If you've ever been to a major theme park you've probably seen them in action. Those lively, fun, (and sometimes furry) characters entertaining on the streets and providing atmosphere for people waiting in line or having their pictures taken with happy families. Sometimes they are referred to as atmospheric entertainment or street atmosphere entertainers. The term "Streetmo" (short for "Street Atmosphere") is commonly used by those "in the know"

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Indiana Jones"Faces" -  Characters that are designed to be a "Look-alike" or a representation of a (usually copyrighted) character, person or entity like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, the X-Men's "Wolverine" character and so on. These special characters cannot be re-created or marketed by any other company other than the copyright holder, due to legal reasons. You may have encountered an example of this yourself at Halloween. If you call a costume shop and ask to rent  a "Barney" costume  they will probably tell you they do not have one but they can rent you a "Purple Dinosaur" costume. An example of how Forte Talent might provide you with a "face" character can be explained like this. You REALLY want a very specific type of costumed witch from the "Sleeping Beauty" movie at your party. Her name was "Maleficent". You can either contact a major theme park who holds the copyright to that character OR perhaps get her "Sister", "Magnificent" who looks VERY much like her!  Indiana Jones' friend Texas Pete, or Alabama Al, can show up and gee, they look a lot like him don't they?

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Blues Brothers "Tribute Artists" - Tribute artists can mimic the look, and many times the sound of a particular performing artist.  At Forte Talent our "Tribute Artist" can sing with a live band or a "Backing Track" from a CD or MP3 Player.  Elvis is a good example. There are thousands of Elvi,...Elvisseses? know what I mean...performing all over the world. Same with Madonna, Cher, Lady GaGa, The Blues Brothers, the list goes on and on.

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Cher"Impersonator" - Someone who makes a living looking, dressing and acting like a famous celebrity. Have you ever seen someone and thought "Wow! he looks just like Jay Leno!" Well, if that person is a talented entertainer, he may just become an impersonator! Forte Talent  has many celebrity impersonators available, Yes, Jay Leno, Adam Lambert, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, etc..

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Gangsters "General" - Think "Pirates" or "Gangsters".  They represent a general group of people or characters and not anyone in particular.  Forte Talent has provided Fake Security (F.B.I., or C.I.A. agents) for a Presidential impersonator, Wacky Referees for a sporting themed event, Cowboys for a hoe-down, and of course Pirates and Gangsters!  This list is really limited only by your theme and imagination. If you can think it we will certainly do our best to make it happen!

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What can they do for YOUR event.

Interactive characters can add that special touch to your themed event by what I call, "Fleshing out your concept". 

You've spent a lot of money on themed decor', the music is just right, people know it is a "Western Party" but imagine your guests surprise when they are greeted at the door by Mae West and Wyatt Earp!!! The Sheriff (and possibly his men) can tell the guests to "Check their guns" before they enter "Town" or perhaps he might choose to make a few guests honorary "Deputies" during the event. Ms. West will entertain by harmlessly flirting with your male guests and complimenting the ladies on their attire for the evening. This is where the improvisational skill of OUR actors comes into play. We are not simply in costume. We will play the role and BE the character that you need to make your event the best it can be! 
Interactive characters can also be used on larger events as "People Movers", helping to facilitate the transition from one party or location, to another.  Say there is a large group of guests at a convention meeting. The meeting ends and it's time for the Caribbean themed after party! How do you move one thousand people from the convention hall to the party room that is in another building? PIRATE INVASION!!!! A large band of roving Pirates storm the convention room, yelling, cracking whips (If there is sufficient room) even firing blanks from their pistols in the air!!! They then spread out along the path from one venue to the next and motivate your guests to relocate to the next venue! You guests know something extra special is going on even before they even GET to that party!!!
There are MANY other ways that interactive characters can enhance YOUR party!
We invite you to take a look at the pictures below as some of the examples of the characters we have provided for our customers. Then give us a call for details and let us help you "Flesh out YOUR Concept" and take your party or event to the next level with Forte' Talent Inc.!
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Remember, at Forte' Talent, Entertainment is our Forte'!!!!

(Please click on a picture below to see it full scale in a new window, these are just a few examples of the vast array of characters Forte Talent can provide you!)

Flapper in Tub Gangsters Gangsters Girls Military Military Military Greasers Joanne and Ruth Joanne Whirly Rowen Martin Very Interesting Boy George Cyndi and Donny Cyndi and Donny Cyndi Lauper Miami Vice Beer Girl Beer Girl Bono Calamity Jane Cookie Lady Trike Cowboys and Mae Gangsters Ginger and Gilligan Mary Ann Daisy Maybe Hollywood Interviewer Italian Chef Italian Chef's Italian Family Italian Mama and Papa Italian Mama Italian Papa and the boys Italians Sisters or Aunts Keystone Cop Lifeguard Lifeguard Living Statues Living Statues Living Table - Carmen Living Table - Island Living Table - Mermaid Mae Friend Mae Stars Mae Bea Mae Bea Marsh Man Marsh Man Marylin Manson Marylin Manson Mona Lisa Nuns Painting Paparazzi Time - Modern Paparazzi Time - Modern Paparazzi Time - Modern Paparazzi Time - Modern Paparazzi Time Paparazzi Time - Old Paparazzi Time - Old Mae Bea Queen of Hearts Durty Nellie Durty Nellie Ebeneezer Bay Mother Plucker Mother Plucker Will E. Bay Will E. Bay Rock and Roll Roadie Tacky Tourist Tacky Tourist The Grump and Cindy Loo The Grump Chimney Sweep Chimney Sweep Wacky Ref Wacky Ref Wyatt Earp