Welcome to Forté Talent!

Forte Talent ... Entertainment is our Forte! You're having a party, a wedding, a corporate event, you need entertainment, you search online for djs and a bunch of links appear, and you start clicking. You are looking for someone to play some music and possibly make a few announcements, should be easy right? You think to yourself, I play music every day, in my car, at work, on my iPod working out, how hard can it be right? All I need to so is push a few buttons. I know what I like to listen too, but I don't really know what everyone of my guests likes? Uncle Bob? Betty from H.R.? My boss? That's a little bit harder. I need help, I need a professional. I need Forte Talent! At Forte Talent we have a vast music collection from all genres of music and for all occasions to best suite your guests and You!

  Now, let's talk about those announcements. Do you know what the #1 phobia is in the world is today? Public speaking. Add a little “Liquid Courage” and do you really want to hand that microphone to a friend with an iPod and some speakers? Or worse yet, a stranger? I think not, you need Forte Talent. With over 20 years of public appearances and experience, we are who you are searching for!

  If you have done your homework you’ve visited a lot of D.J. websites. That’s a good thing. The entertainment you choose can make or break your event. It’s funny how many of those other websites say “Specializing in weddings, sweet sixteen parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, proms, corporate events, class reunions...” the list goes on and on. You must ask yourself, how can they "specialize" in all those different types of events? If you, God forbid, needed brain surgery, you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner. You’d want to get a professional with experience, a person who earned his or her creditials in the field. And I’ll bet you wouldn’t listen to your friend, neighbor, or relative who says, “I know this great brain surgeon…He is SO cheap!!!”  I have the creditials you are looking for. I am the secretary of the Tampa Bay chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association. I have been a member for five years. I belong to the Tampa Bay Bridal Association as well as The Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce. Last, but not least I have been certified and recognized as a professional entertainer by The National Association of Mobile Entertainers.

  Because you are smart, and you are planning, searching, and doing your homework, you ended up here, your best choice for a once in a lifetime event, Forte Talent. With Forte Talent, you get the professional service you need.  I want to make you shine, not just look good. I want people to remember your event as amazing, not just good or okay. So go ahead, take a look around my site. Be sure to check out what other people that hired me said about my service, then contact me. We'll discuss your needs and vision and together Forte Talent and YOU will make it happen!